The Old Dogs Podcast:

Season One



In every episode you'll find personal musings on life as we know it, odd items from reputable sources enhanced by our cogent commentary, and a memorable interview (at least, we think we remember it) with a fascinating senior and their take on how to defy retirement.

Episode No. 1: "Howling at the Moon"


  • Old Dogs on howling at the moon

  • Teaching an old dog new tricks

  • Mickey Mouse turns 90

  • Your kids don’t want your stuff

  • A cheater’s edition of Monopoly

  • The 2018 Ig-Nobel Awards

The Old Dogs Interview

Tony Caputo and some friends in Salt Lake City offer free advice at a local Farmer’s Market. The banner over their booth reads, “Old Coots Giving Advice – It’s Probably Bad Advice but it’s Free.”

Episode No. 2: "It's all Downhill from Here."


  • Old Dogs on our podcast purpose

  • Limited Senior work opportunities

  • New words for Scrabble

  • “Sell by” dates are misleading

  • What passengers steal from airlines

The Old Dogs Interview

Bill Hinds has been creating the Tank McNamara comic strip for 44 years. He now draws digitally and submits electronically. The challenge ahead is the future of newspapers.

Episode No. 3: "Did We Really Eat That Stuff?"


  • Old Dogs on 50’s fad foods

  • Green Bean Casserole turns 65

  • An inflatable colon was stolen

  • Is the placebo effect fake news?

  • Citizens fail the Citizenship Test

  • Book review – 50 Inventions that Shaped the World

The Old Dogs Interview

Lidia Porto is a Hispanic actress born in Colombia and raised in California and Texas. After many years of success as a regional performer, she moved back to Los Angeles. Eventually she landed her current starring role in Get Shorty. So what’s next?

Episode No. 4: "A Cashless Society"


  • Old Dogs on too smart phones

  • A mobile wallet replaces cash

  • Jimmie Carter is 93 and busy

  • A pig who provides therapy

  • A judge with judgement issues

The Old Dogs Interview

Michael Lieberman has an MD and a PhD in Biochemistry. After retiring from a successful medical career, he became a writer.  Since then he has published eight collections of poetry and five works of fiction.

Episode No. 5: "Sputnik and Beyond!"


  • Old Dogs on the Right Stuff

  • NASA has lost some historical gear

  • Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee dies at 95

  • Beards are good for allergies

  • If you need a job, start a company

  • Movie review – RBG

The Old Dogs Interview

Judy Cochran had a remarkable 2018. She was elected the first woman mayor of Livingston, Texas; She became a great grandmother for the first time; and she killed a 12-foot alligator that weighed 580 pounds. She’s looking for gator recipes.

Episode No. 6: "Not-Useful Things"


  • Old Dogs on dated concepts

  • Five myths about daylight saving time

  • You can order breakfast at Tiffany’s

  • Ready for a test tube burger?

  • A kinder and gentler George Bush

  • An insecure Cyber Security Minister

The Old Dogs Interview

Meryl Moritz was a jazz dancer and choreographer until an injury forced a career change to management consultant.  Experiencing burnout, she became a life coach.  Some 23 years later, she has an international practice with some very interesting clients.

Episode No. 7: "How Old Do You Feel?"


  • Old Dogs on feeling our age

  • Can you legally change your age?

  • If you could fly to space, would you?

  • Timber Era Dating Terms

  • Every movement counts

The Old Dogs Interview

Tom Cliff had a long career, first as a lawyer, then as a trust banker in Detroit. After getting downsized in his mid-60's Tom decided to start a new career. He went back to school and got an MSW. Now he's a psychologist doing what he loves - helping people find their true selves.

Episode No. 8: "Is Purell Puerile?"


  • Old Dogs on natural immunity

  • Six Germy Situations to avoid

  • Turtle Love avoids extinction

  • Skydiving at age 102

  • Thanks for the Memories

The Old Dogs Interview

Kathy Drago retired from being a school principal to pursue her love of painting.  As her art developed, she hit on a striking focus – painting the faces of women over 75. Her work can be seen at

Episode No. 9: "You Can Be Old and Bold."


  • Old Dogs on making fun of aging

  • Review of The Kominsky Method

  • Tudder dating for cows

  • Motown Records at 60

  • Don’t use a scooter for a getaway

  • How High is up?

The Old Dogs Interview

Steve Epstein is a former comic with an interesting and funny career path. His current occupation is selling collectibles on E-Bay and being the chauffer to four grandchildren.

Episode No. 10: "I forgot what I was trying to remember!"


  • Old Dogs on improving memory

  • The Health benefits of chocolate

  • Crossing the ocean in a barrel

  • An obituary for a snail

  • Standing up for fitness

  • The Price Is Right since 1956

The Old Dogs Interview

Chris Seiberling studied photography and art history after two years in the Peace Corps. Finding limited job opportunities for his MFA, he ended up in financial management and IT systems development. After retiring, he has returned to photography focusing on the Southwest.

Episode No. 11: "The Last Blockbuster"


  • Old Dogs on the home-video phenomenon

  • The Last Blockbuster

  • Naked Yoga and more!

  • Least-needed inventions

  • What online gaming can lead to

  • A sweet story with a happy ending

The Old Dogs Interview

Tom Bartel and Kristin Henning Bartel were successful publishers. But when their offspring left home, they decided to do the same. Their experiences on their world travels prompted them to write a blog that encourages other empty nesters to get out there and explore.

Episode No. 12: "If You Don't Use it, Lose it."


  • Old Dogs on accumulating stuff.

  • A guide for uncluttering.

  • Respecting your elders.

  • A documentary about Dr. Ruth.

  • A nude mannequin yard party.   

  • Why one is a lonely number.

  • A drone that barks like a dog.

The Old Dogs Interview

Tom Fabel divided his time between the public and private sectors as an attorney. He also served one year as the deputy mayor of St. Paul, Minnesota. In retirement, he has been active as an actor, musician and a successful playwright. Now that’s howling at the moon.

Episode No. 13: "Journey to the Starbucks and Beyond"


  • Old dogs ramble about coffee

  • Coffee: the healthy drink

  • Dummies flunk roller-coaster test

  • The man who made art easy

  • Yabba Dabba Don't

  • Rock stars dirty laundry

The Old Dogs Interview

DON PHELAN misspent his youth as an adman in Detroit and Grand Rapids, then began a long and successful career in real estate. An avid cyclist, he celebrated his 66th birthday by riding 66 miles on Route 66 - on June 6th. But there's more: now Don is pursuing the literary market with two novels - and more on the way.

Episode No. 14: "The Last Laugh"


  • Old dogs on memorial services

  • Event planners now at funeral homes

  • An unusual reward for a stolen van

  • The importance of safe selfies

  • Drunken raccoons

The Old Dogs Interview

(Part One) SUZANNE SAVOY is a working actress based in New York who stays busy as a guest star by handling her own promotion work. Her latest project is a one woman show about a medieval feminist poet that she tours to colleges and universities.

Episode No. 15: "The Line Forms Here"


  • Old dogs on waiting in line

  • Queuing up to climb Mt. Everest

  • Avoiding procrastination

  • A fake cake mistake

  • Octogenarian pole vaulter

  • A tough act to swallow

The Old Dogs Interview

(Part Two) SUZANNE SAVOY is a working actress based in New York. She's also a survivor of stage-four cancer. Taking control of her health and her future helped her triumph over the odds to enjoy a bonus round in her career and in her life.

Episode No. 16: "Aging in Place Beats Moving"


  • Old dogs on staying or moving

  • Seniors prefer staying

  • The Rolling Stones are annuitizing their latest tour

  • Mission Control Makeover

  • Baby Driver

  • Fake news depends on what you believe is real news

The Old Dogs Interview

STEVE AND VICKI FARRELL have been partners in life and on stage for over 40 years. They operated Radio Music Theater in Houston for 26 years. After a brief retirement, they opened another theater called “The Joint” in Little Rock. They share their thoughts on why they keep performing.

Episode No. 17: "How do you feel about how you feel?"


  • Old Dogs on aches and pains and positive thinking

  • Seniors are upbeat about their health

  • Mad Magazine is going away

  • The world of competitive eating

  • Driving and radioactivity don’t mix

  • Pickle Ball and pints on tap

The Old Dogs Interview

Mickey and Susie Rappaport started married life in the Peace Corps. After a trip around the world they settled in Los Angeles, where Mickey taught law at UCLA. Susie had several jobs including travel agent and managing Mickey’s arbitration practice. Oh... and they also had a brief career as smugglers.

Episode No. 18: "Too old? Don't fold!"


  • Old Dogs on what we can no longer do, what we can still do

  • Surgeons need to know when it's time to stop cutting

  • A clever (root) beer entrepreneur

  • Why we're born to walk

  • Home food delivery? Count your fries!

  • Intensive grandparenting


  • Old Dogs on what we can no longer do, what we can still do

  • Surgeons need to know when it's time to stop cutting

  • A clever (root) beer entrepreneur

  • Why we're born to walk

  • Home food delivery? Count your fries!

  • Intensive grandparenting

The Old Dogs Interview

Robert Flatt is an awarded nature photographer and author. His photos are exceptional. Even more so since he is dealing with Parkinson's Disease. The condition forced him to re-evaluate his life and his goals to begin a whole new chapter. Don't miss this inspiring interview! And check out his work at

Episode No. 19: "Will Living Longer Mean Living Better?"


  • Old Dogs on the up-side and down-side of living longer

  • Where has all the cursive gone?

  • Don't put an octopus on your face!

  • Butter is the new medium

  • So what's your problem?

  • Minnie Mouse has passed away

The Old Dogs Interview

When Dick Smith studied TV production in the early 50's, he was already a nightclub fixture as a singer and piano player. He had no idea where his career was headed until a chance encounter with an ad man. Dick looks back on a career that spans many decades - and many talents.

Episode No. 20: "You Can't Buy Shoes with One Foot in the Grave."


  • Old Dogs on aging with optimism

  • How optimism can extend life

  • Her first poem collection at 100

  • The last toll collectors

  • Is that a spider in your ear?

  • Molly Ivins movie review

The Old Dogs Interview

Marc Grossberg is a tax lawyer who grew up in Houston, Texas. During his long career he’s kept a sharp eye and ear open for what goes on in this cosmopolitan city. The result is that, in his seventies, Marc is about to have his first novel published: The Best People. It's all about what goes on behind the closed doors of power.

Episode No. 21: "Retirement Living is About Living."


  • Old Dogs on going to rock concerts

  • Napping: it's good for you

  • Busted in Sardinia

  • Transient Global Amnesia

  • Who took the solid-gold toilet?

  • Five-second rule defended

The Old Dogs Interview

MICHELLE WATKINS enjoyed a career as an actress in Houston and L.A. Seeking new challenges, she found fulfillment as a marketing specialist in the retirement-living industry. In Part One of a two-part interview, Michelle talks about the many benefits of today's retirement-community options.

Episode No. 22: "Are We Really What We Eat?"


  • Old Dogs on the odd things we eat

  • DUI on a Riding Lawnmower

  • Airbnb Fraud Can't Be "Contained"

  • Too Young to Dance

  • The World's Fastest Old Man

  • Why Aren't We Eating More Bugs?

The Old Dogs Interview

MICHELLE WATKINS. In Part 2 Michelle gives an overview of how to make the right choice when looking for a senior living community. 

Episode No. 23: "Cruise-Ship Hell"


  • Old Dogs on stuff we're still buying

  • Dog comes back after 12 years

  • Friends help a homeless man

  • Mutiny on a cruise ship!

  • Irishman gets the last laugh

  • How to sleep better

The Old Dogs Interview

LINDA AND JERRY PATCHEN talk about their transformation in the 60's: exploring the outer and inner world, deepening consciousness, and finding new meaning in the rituals of Native Americans.

Episode No. 24: "Is Social Media Social?"


  • Old Dogs on socializing then and now

  • How to dispose of old prescriptions

  • Google's new Paper Phone

  • Students' answers to college entrance questions

  • A champion triathlete septuagenarian

The Old Dogs Interview

THELMA ZIRKELBACH spent fifty years as a speech pathologist but also pursued a career as a novelist. Not just any novelist, though: Thelma penned some pretty steamy romance novels for Harlequin.

Episode No. 25: "We Need a Vacation!"


  • Old Dogs on where we like to go for vacation

  • Waffle House gets late-night help

  • Improbable research topics

  • "You can't jail me... I'm dead!"

  • The American Diet: How sweet it is!

  • Quilty, the feline escape artist

The Old Dogs Interview

ANNA LOUISE BRUNER helped generations of kids learn about English. When she retired, she built on her experiences to become a playwright and producer. Now in her 80's, she's still making sure that the show goes on.

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