The Old Dogs Podcast:

Season Two


In season two we continue our personal musings, odd items from the news, and  more conversations with fascinating boomers and the older generation to ultimately stumble upon the answer to the question: "What the heck happened?"

Episode No. 26: "Where have All the Malls Gone?"


  • Old Dogs reminisce about shopping indoors

  • Malls are disappearing at an alarming rate

  • Big Bird is 50!

  • A money-laundering consultant decides to practice what he knows best

  • Man drives car bananas

  • Did Walmart really mean to sell this sweater?

The Old Dogs Interview

PAUL MENZEL, the Dean of the Old Dogs team, describes his early days as a funny man, his middle years as a funny man, and his senescent years as a funny man in this engaging start to Season Two.

Episode No. 27: "I See Dead People!"


  • Old Dogs ponder artificial conversations with the departed

  • Medical procedures: are they all necessary?

  • Cars and coffee grounds

  • Employer hands out whopping Christmas bonus

  • Old Dogs expand into broadcast radio

The Old Dogs Interview

JIM CONLAN  gets his turn in the hot seat as partner Paul Menzel probes his past and current life for clues to what makes Jim think he's so darn funny. An in-depth interview full of shallow questions.

Episode No. 28: "The New Normal"


  • Old Dogs ask: what's the new normal for you?

  • The World's Worst Cat

  • Buck Henry has passed away

  • New Emergency Care options for seniors

  • Looking for love in outer space

  • Weinermobile gets a grilling

  • Embracing the New Normal

The Old Dogs Interview

BUDDY BARNES in a conversation about engineering - military and civil - and a new career as a corporate mentor.

Episode No. 29: "Cruising Through Retirement"


  • Old Dogs on the ups and downs of living on a cruise ship

  • The Student Loan from Hell

  • Retirement on a Cruise Ship

  • A lawsuit over a $30,000 Purse

  • The World's Worst Smell

  • Doggone Good Advice: Investment Scams

The Old Dogs Interview

JACQUIE WHITT in a conversation about her adventures leading tours in South America - and her discovery of a potentially history-changing building process. Look for the documentary this fall.

Episode No. 30: "Running... and Running... for Office"


  • Old Dogs on what we think is wrong with elections

  • A valet key implant?

  • Poster dog dies at 18

  • Get paid for sleeping!

  • 100th birthday in jail

  • A dentist trades his drill for a fry pan

The Old Dogs Interview

RICK ANTONSON was a travel writer. But he got tired of seeing the world from fancy hotels. So he started travelling on his own dime - and discovered a brand-new world. Rick talks about his amazing adventures, and the books he's written about them.

Episode No. 31: "The Old Dogs Go Viral"


  • Old Dogs on how we're coping with the pandemic

  • Well dressed... from the waist up

  • Phone-in diagnosis

  • Your smart phone may be spying on you!

  • Drinker alert: It's not the Corona beer virus

  • News of hope and cheer

The Old Dogs Interview

We hear from past podcast contributors on how they're doing. A hopeful and cheerful look at lives that are by no means on hold.

Episode No. 32: "Is it Normal Yet?"


  • Old Dogs on finding normal again

  • "Flushing out" the toilet paper shortage

  • Review: Old Man Country by Thomas Cole

  • In memoriam: John Prine

  • Rick Antonson during the pandemic

The Old Dogs Interview

MEL FOSTER is an Old Dog who has been an adman, an audiobook narrator and lately reinvented himself as a videographer of other Old Dogs. Sounds like a good idea to do this... before it's too late.

Episode No. 33: "The Lockdown Frees the Mind"


  • Old Dogs on human nature - and natural nature

  • Is Justice Blind to Lawyers with No Pants?

  • Chickens, anyone?

  • Man distributes groceries with newspaper

  • What do spies do during the lockdown?

  • They're here! The 2019 Ig-Nobel Awards!

The Old Dogs Interview

DR. THOMAS COLE, PhD has far-ranging interests, including humanities in medicine. A particular focus lately has been his study of famous men as they approach their final years. We talked with Dr. Cole about his book, Old Man Country, and what his interviews uncovered.

Episode No. 34: "You Ain't Missed Nothin' Yet"


  • Old Dogs on what we miss the most

  • Trending fashion: the Tri-kini

  • The Death of the Weekly Newspaper

  • Violinist plays during brain surgery

  • Bob Elder on unregistered investment advisors

  • Draft beer is going down the drain!

The Old Dogs Interview

CHARLIE McCARTHY, Sailor, Banjo Player and all-around Tall Tale Teller is a guy who should have been happy as a successful IT wizard but turned to sales, then to the law, and now - who knows - maybe welding.

Episode No. 35: "Relax: You're Not Going Anywhere."


  • Old Dogs on how to communicate when nobody can see your face

  • Mindless Eating

  • Goodbye Eddie Haskell

  • Catching up with Kristin Bartell

  • Car-eating Rats!

  • Productivity is Now Optional.

The Old Dogs Interview

JEAN AND JOHN RANAHAN found fulfillment by taking jobs in various locations around the world. They often wondered where they'd end up. As it turned out, it was where they began... in Micronesia.

Episode No. 36: "I Don't Dig Your Slanguage, Dude."


  • Old Dogs chat with a Gen-Z-er about slang

  • Shopping madness moves online 

  • The Ancient Truth about the so-called Weaker Sex

  • Nutty Neologisms

  • Exploring the globe without leaving home

The Old Dogs Interview

DIAN GREISEL is author of the Silver Disobedience Blog. She has a million followers who have found a safe space to explore the challenges and opportunties of growing older. She believes that getting to know ourselves with kindness will help us - and help us understand others better.

Episode No. 37: "Some Things Are Meant to be Puzzling."


  • Old Dogs ramble about being resilient

  • Buying books isn't the same as reading them  

  • You don't have to go to the game to hear the music

  • Three Amigas go on fantasy trips

  • A book on being resilient

The Old Dogs Interview

JOHN MADDEN is a puzzler. Literally. He makes the most devious, most unique, most expensive puzzles in the world. His company, Par Puzzles, is finding a new market among families who have the means - and the time - to indulge in a custom Par Puzzle.

Episode No. 38: "Blame the 60's on 50's TV."


  • Old Dogs ramble about 50's TV and The American Way

  • The New Corporate Swag  

  • Goodbye, Carl Reiner

  • Machetes and Fantasy Events Don't Mix

  • The Psychology of High-Stakes Poker

The Old Dogs Interview

SHERRY ADAMS was in some ways the heartbeat of a major metropolitan newspaper. As the librarian for the Houston Chronicle, she was in charge of gathering news clippings, providing research, and a first-hand witness to many major events. In this conversation Sherry talks about her many years of service at the Chronicle.

Episode No. 39: "Driving While Old."


  • Old Dogs ramble about when to stop driving

  • Funny Marriage Musings

  • A Surplus of Bathing Suits

  • Michele Watkins on Senior Loneliness

  • Some Regional Slang Words

  • He Got a Piano for a Song

The Old Dogs Interview

News reporter, magazine editor, and all-round communications whiz JOHN FLORIAN got to the point where he needed a change. He found a new career as a voice talent. But his growing awareness of the voiceover business convinced him that voice talent needed a resource for information about their industry. For over 15 years John has been that resource – respected by new and seasoned talent alike.

Episode No. 40: "I'm Not Complaining, but..."


  • Old Dogs ramble about how to complain

  • Take Two Toads and Get Some Rest

  • Being Kind Pays Off

  • A Proud Couch Potato

  • Posing in Other People's Clothes

  • A 14,000-year-old Stool Sample

The Old Dogs Interview

ELAINE ADAMS is a rare birder, because her lifelong hobby has been birdwatching. As a birder she has traveled all over the countryside of North and South America. To support her hobby she has had some fascinating careers over the years. She was a professional singer in church choirs, a music teacher in a Texas school system, and a vintner. 

Episode No. 41: "Are You a Man or a Robot?"


  • Old Dogs ramble about the rise of the robots

  • Amazon introduces intelligent glasses

  • You can trade a hairpin for a house

  • Robot movie stars

  • Celebrating the long life of Olivia deHavilland

The Old Dogs Interview

SUSAN ALEXANDER should have been dizzy from all the career moves she's made - from teacher to business woman to lawyer and beyond. But she's still looking for what's next, even in retirement.

Episode No. 42: "Let's Shake On It... Not!"


  • Old Dogs ramble about the funding crisis in small arts organizations - and what that may mean for thousands of performers

  • To Shake - or Not to Shake?

  • Car Insurers are Watching You

  • How Did That Get in There?

  • It's Never Too Late for a Tatoo

The Old Dogs Interview

SANDY HARDWICK and SHIRLEY PETTIS found the cost of living a bit too much to remain stateside. So they packed up and moved to Costa Rica. There they found more than cheap living – they found a new community of friends both ex-pat and local… and a new acceptance for who they are.

Episode No. 43: "Old Elephants Know Best"


  • Old Dogs ramble about about sharing our infinite wisdom with our heirs

  • The Role of Older Male Elephants

  • Caution: Dangerous Fly Swatters!

  • Are You Ready for Walk-Tailing?

  • A Retired Cop Finally Gets His Man

  • Diana Rigg Has Left the Set

The Old Dogs Interview

DAVID HENRY has spent more than 50 years studying the fauna and flora of the boreal forest – that is, those far-off lands where humans seldom tread above the civilized areas of Canada. He tells us what he’s accomplished up there… and why “up there” may not be exactly “there” much longer.

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