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We welcome all comments. We may even print some of them on this page! Especially if they're flattering, useful, or extremely funny. So use the Contact form below. Tell us what you think of the podcast. Introduce us to people you know who are still howling at the moon. And pass along any useful tips, odd news, or stories you hear that make life more interesting.


The Podcast for Bodacious Boomers

"This makes me HAPPY"   Cindi A

"Loved it, especially the interview with Suzie! Looking forward to the next one—fun! Delightfully informative!Karen E

"Great stuff! One Father's Day, my younger daughter gave me  a framed quote: "My dad didn't teach me how to live. He lived, and I watched him do it." Those of us who have been fortunate enough to reach a certain age need to remind ourselves to keep living, learning new things, and taking on new challenges. Your podcast is a great reminder to keep howling at the moon. Well done."   Donald P

"My wife and I every day share tidbits of news and information we glean from our day that amaze and confound us. It's our private chuckle at the world increasingly taken over by younger generations. This podcast now gives us a steady stream of things to laugh about and talk about. Thanks for the conversations!" Eric T

"I love the way you guys approach this podcast.  Very listenable and both of you meld nicely as co-hosts.  Love the quick elements and no surprise this has a high production value.  Count me in as a new fan. Way to go!"   Ray S

“It was so good to hear my cousin Jim Conlan’s mellifluous voice streaming from half a continent away to my hand held device."   Kevin F

"Really enjoyed the conversations. It is amazing how many of the folks have decided to take a new direction /career path after so many years. It is encouraging to know that retirement age does not mean a rocking chair on the front porch. I look forward to the future podcasts."   Jim B

"Your new podcast is indeed a hoot! I feel like I’m right there with you old dogs, shooting the breeze - but with a purpose. Your first guest sure enhanced that feeling. I’m eager for more (and hats off to Mickey from a Mickey Mouse Club member who can still recall rushing home from school and turning on the Philco to see the first episode)."   John F

"I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this. And will go back for more! 

It was so good to hear your voice in action. I also appreciated the way you would direct or redirect the conversation. A real gem! Thank you."   Kristine K

“This is amazing! I never knew that anyone else out there was like me. I’m a 75-year-old guy that needs this kind of talk – like old guys talked on the courthouse steps while they whittled on a piece of wood when I was a kid. I never paid them any attention when I was young. But now I feel like listening. Thanks for giving me this sense of value. My wife and kids sure don’t.”   Grandpa B

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the podcast. The subject matter and diversity of topics is first rate. I definitely resonate with the old products you listed such as Fizzies (gag!) and Tang instant drinks. Your interviews with active boomers are very uplifting and gives this fellow boomer the impetus to keep on howling."   Larry T

"If you are of a certain age, you'll enjoy the podcast's relaxed format and folksy charm. Hear about the remarkable, exciting new challenges some Boomers are taking on. You may be inspired."    Don P

"(Regarding Episode 12) We are in the process of shedding 31 years of accumulated life and moving to San Diego. Soooo, I especially enjoyed the first segment or two. I have had to be brutal with my books, leaving 70% behind and enough furniture to outfit much of Downton Abbey. Anyway, thanks."    Mike L

(Regarding Episode 26) "Good one Jim. Interesting story of relationship.   You two old dogs, Paul & Jim have been howling at the moon for decades. Keep howling."   

Jerry P

"Listened to an episode of your podcast on the drive to Austin. It was a good 20 minutes. Fun stuff."  Chuck C 

"Doing it greatly: as I expected! Keep up the good work."   Leo D

"I was musing on what must go into what you do. It sounds so spontaneous and natural, it’s like a good one-act play. But that means all interactions between the two of you have to be well rehearsed for the experience to come off. I am impressed."   Mark S

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