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Season Five:  'Feb '23 to Feb '24 

Episode No. 101: "I Can't Afford to be Young Again!"

The Old Dogs ramble about the dubious value of paying millions to be young again.

The Old Dogs Conversation

RAY SCHILENS, like many others of our generation, got into radio as a teenager and followed broadcasting jobs around the country. As an on-air personality, producer, and creator of programs, Ray has seen a lot of changes in the radio industry, especially in the past 20 years. But some things remain the same. If you're a fan of radio, past or present, you'll want to hear what Ray has to say.

Episode No. 102: "Are You Soured on Pickleball?"

The Old Dogs ramble about the good old days when a phone was just a phone.

The Old Dogs Conversation

MICHAEL McDONALD is a guy you need to know if you think you just can't handle the stuff that comes with age. A successful advertising executive, Michael battled depression for years, then suffered a couple of debilitating strokes that put a crimp in his retirement plans. In this conversation, Michael explains how he managed these trials and went on to live a happy and fulfilling life.

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