Season Three: January '21

Episode No. 50: "A milestone around our necks"

The Old Dogs ramble about the auspicious occasion of our 50th episode and Third Season.

The Old Dogs Interview

HERB KUPCHIKis a man of medicine. Over his long life he has been involved in training doctors in microbiology, pathology, and laboratory medicine. He was a principal researcher in cancer for 20 years. After retirement, Herb wondered what he would do next. He found the answer the first time he watched a curling match.

Episode No. 51: "The Return of Sheila Tequila"

The Old Dogs offer their personal opinions about the practice of Doomscrolling.

The Old Dogs Interview

Dallasites still remember the fabulous Sheila Tequila and her retro shows. Most memorably, her spot-on performance as Tina Turner. Not bad for a middle-class white girl whose real name is SHELLEY BRANDT. The Old Dogs have a try-to-keep-with-me conversation with Shelley as she looks back and ahead at her life as a performer. 

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