Season Four: Jan '22 to Jan '23 

Episode No. 75: "Going Fourth."

The Old Dogs ramble about another Dubious Year filled with Dubiously Entertaining Episodes.

The Old Dogs Conversation

We offer a SPECIAL CONVERSATION with Kathleen O'Brien, Suzanne Savoy and Kathy Biehl about the problems women face as they age. Anyone ever feel totally invisible? Anyone?

Episode No. 76: "The Upside of the Lockdown."

The Old Dogs ramble about how we've benefited from the Pandemic

The Old Dogs Conversation

We continue our SPECIAL CONVERSATION with Kathleen O'Brien, Suzanne Savoy and Kathy Biehl about the problems women face as they age. Kathleen is our Chief Aging Officer and the author of Reclaim Your Right to Grow Old. Suzanne Savoy is an actor currently presenting a one-woman show at venues around the country. Kathy Biehl is an actor, lawyer, astrologer, and extremely funny person. We just sat there and listened.

Episode No. 77: "A Memory Lapse You Can Forget."

The Old Dogs ramble about all the stuff people take to improve their memory.

The Old Dogs Conversation

DAVID BORN is so good at pretending to be ROBIN WILLIAMS that a lot of people think the actor is still alive. But that's only one of this versatile actor's many entertaining skills. How does he juggle it all? By loving it all.

Episode No. 78: "Dye Hard - with a Vengeance."

The Old Dogs want to know: what older guy needs to dye his hair?

The Old Dogs Conversation

Practically every comedian who has made it big knows RICH SHYDNER. He’s a very funny guy who has done standup forever, but even people who haven’t seen him perform have laughed at his jokes in some of America’s funniest TV shows. 

Episode No. 79: "Trust Us: This is Not a Scam."

The Old Dogs are feeling vulnerable about online scammers - and so should you.

The Old Dogs Conversation

GEOFF CAMERON came rather later to the podcasting game when he started experiencing issues with his eyesight. Rather than sit around and mope, Geoff decided what listeners needed was exposure to people with a positive outlook in negative times. It's a case of poor eyesight leading to good insight. 

Episode No. 80: "Is it a Fish... or a Football?"

The Old Dogs ponder why some people get goldfish... and then get rid of goldfish.

The Old Dogs Conversation

MARLIN MURDOCK developed  a love for teaching almost as soon as he left college. This love was based on his inherent curiosity and a thirst for knowledge that he continues to pursue and share. In his current pursuits that has resulted in a number of efforts designed specifically to encourage folks our age to take a fresh look at the possibilities of aging intentionally and energetically.

Episode No. 81: "Is that a crossbow in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?"

The Old Dogs speculate on hiring a stranger to sit with us and do nothing.

The Old Dogs Conversation

KATHLEEN SINCLAIR had a mid-life crisis with her divorce. After learning to make a living on her own, she began exploring what it means to grow older. This led her to write a challenging book with an incredibly provocative title.

Episode No. 82: "We wonder why we wander"

The Old Dogs wonder why our minds seem to wander so much lately.

The Old Dogs Conversation

DAVID ROSELL is a world traveler and a financial advisor with a long track record of helping people to grow their portfolios. David has now written a book called Failure is Not an Option, Creating Certainty in the Uncertainty of Retirement.  He also hosts a podcast called "Recession Proof Your Retirement." We asked David to tell us about the different strategies we need to consider once we stop earning income.

Episode No. 83: "Nothing comes between me and my genes"

The Old Dogs ponder the ethics of using genetics to solve cold cases

The Old Dogs Conversation

At age 66 STEVEN MIKITA is one of the oldest survivors of spinal muscular atrophy. SMA is a rare, progressive neuromuscular disease that causes difficulty with basic life functions such as breathing, swallowing, and walking. Despite his physical limitations, he has dedicated his adult life to disability advocacy. He spent more than 30 years as a Utah Assistant Attorney General, championing protections for individuals with disabilities. Steve also contributed to the development of SMA treatment by acting as the FDA’s Patient Representative for SMA.

Episode No. 84: "I'm aging. Save my place."

The Old Dogs speculate on the possibilities of aging in place.

The Old Dogs Conversation

TED SWINDLEY is a successful producer, director and theatre manager who hasn't slowed down in his 70's. Over the years he has helped launch new plays, consulted on adaptations, and directed over 200 productions. Ted is best known for developing and producing a new kind of musical theatre in 1997, the worldwide hit Always Patsy Cline. We spoke with Ted in Nashville, where he's working on yet another breakthrough musical.

Episode No. 85: "Happiness is a Warm Podcast"

The old dogs happily dwell on the subject of happiness.

The Old Dogs Conversation

STANLEY SANTIRE is founder and managing member of the Santire Law Firm, based in Houston, Texas. For more than three decades he has counseled and represented clients in labor and employment matters, civil rights, construction, and business transactions. He is experienced in mediation, arbitration, trial and appellate work. In his practice Stanley has felt a strong need for a better mediation system – one that gives a more level playing field for the little guy. Now he’s putting that need into practice with a new kind of mediation process.